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Our Story

About the Designers

It all began when Jeff designed Patti's engagement ring and fell in love with jewellery design. Spurred on by Patti and much to his parents’ chagrin, he shifted his studies from biology to jewellery arts. Everything clicked for Jeff in this new world of creativity and science. 

In 2006, after completing the Jewellery Arts program at George Brown College, Jeff opened a jewellery gallery in Uxbridge, Ontario. The couple’s first son, Owen, was born that same year and Jeff's creativity began to bubble. “How can I capture this moment forever?” he thought. And the idea for Dimples was born: His son’s fingerprint impression captured in sterling silver to last a lifetime.

Patti fell in love with the concept and Jeff quickly began making sales calls to see if the innovative product would gain traction. Driving to meetings in an old Volvo that lacked both heating and air conditioning, Jeff pounded the pavement, literally wearing holes in his shoes to share his product with as many people as possible. The couple remortgaged their home, liquidated assets and put everything on the line to pursue the heartfelt business inspired by their first-born son. With their second son, Charlie, now on the scene Patti had her hands full at home, but she longed to be more involved with the daily operations of Dimples.

Then the business reached a crossroads. As Jeff prepared to make a critical, future-changing decision for the business, Patti demanded to be in on it; something she’d never done before. Jeff obliged and Patti's intuition screamed, “No!” Jeff trusted her instincts and the couple ultimately took a different route. They soon discovered Patti's instincts were bang on; the original path would have spelled disaster for Dimples. Patti now knew where she wanted to be. She left her comfy teaching job – along with a guaranteed pension, steady salary, and summers off – to take on a larger role in Dimples.

Today, this husband-and-wife duo is driving change in the jewellery industry with truly innovative products and technology. Each leap of faith they have taken together has been a leap forward for the business. Now widely available in retail stores across Canada, expanding into the U.S., and with its own mobile app, Dimples has customers smiling from coast to coast and beyond.